CATCO Catalytic Heaters

 CATCO catalytic heaters are carefully designed to produce the most efficient heat possible. The only by-products of combustion (other than heat) are carbon dioxide and water vapor. Carbon monoxide, a result of inefficient combustion, is not measurable. Every CATCO catalytic heater is operated for one hour and carefully tested to ensure that components are functioning, that the heat output is within specification and that there are no leaks. This ensures that our customers receive the very best quality product that we can produce, one of our continuing goals.


By definition, a catalyst is any substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction; during the process, the catalyst is neither consumed nor destroyed. In a catalytic heater, the chemical reaction of oxidizing (burning) natural gas or propane is slowed to about 65% of normal, resulting in a safe, flameless source of radiant heat. In order to become activated, the catalyst bed must be preheated to approximately 250°F; CATCO catalytic heaters are normally equipped with 12 or 120 volt low wattage elements to preheat the catalyst and start the reaction.  Other starting voltages are available. 

Generally, catalytic heaters can be used in any application requiring a safe source of heat. In addition, they have the advantage of being able to perform without the use of a constant source of electrical power. This makes them ideal for locations where power in not available on a continuous basis. 

Some of the applications common for catalytic heaters include:


  • Heating pressure reducing valves where there are potential freezing problems
  • Heating gas streams going to pilot operated valves and instrumentation
  • Space heating in hazardous locations
  • Portable and temporary work station heating
  • Oven and process heating (Drying operations, Paint curing operations) 

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CATCO Catalytic Heaters

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